golden pineapple white Hawaiian hula skirt

Dole Pineapple Pa'u Hula White Skirt

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Hula Dance Handmade in Hawaii

Stand out Hawaiian Pa'u skirt with design captivating & feature colorful of themes of Hawaii such as Hawaii’s plants, landscape and locations are used in each design.
The Dole Pineapple in white Hula skirt cut and sewn carefully handcrafted at our factory in Honolulu Hawaii. The pursuit for the skirt to be easy to dance in and the balance of the overall appearance was met by narrowing the width of the elastic waistband. Single layered for great flow, have 4 yards of fabric to make each Pa'u Skirt.

  • Size : One size fits most
  • Waist size : US XS (26 inch) - 3 XL (45 inch)
  • You can adjust waist size by using the elastic bands inside the waist bands.
  • Skirt Length : 28.5 inches
  • Fabric usage : 4 yards
  • Elastic bands : 4 bands
  • Material : 100% cotton poplin.